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Basketball Leagues

Our 2017 Fall Basketball League Registration Period is August 28th-September 16th. The first game is set to take place September 24th, 2017.

Men's and Coed Basketball Leagues are run at the Springfield Club throughout the year. The leagues run approximately 10-13 weeks, including playoffs. Players can choose to sign-up as a team, or ask to be added to our Free Agent List where they will be assigned to a team as space allows.

Space for each league is limited and teams are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a space in one of our leagues, a team must turn in a completed roster to the Service Desk, pay for at least six players in full, and have waivers filled out for any Non-Member players by the registration deadline. Rosters can be found on the website or picked up at the Club during the registration period.

All players on the roster must be paid in full to participate in the league. If a player is only subbing, they may pay the sub fee ($6/Member, $10/Non-Member), and participate in ONLY 3 games.  If a sub wants to become a roster player, they must pay the remainder of the league fee. Players can only participate in playoffs if they have paid the full league fee, are on the original roster, and have participated in at least 3 league games. Players must be a minimum of 14 years of age. League fees are non-transferable.

Courtsports will call/email Team Captains with start times for the first games by the Friday before league starts. Team captains are responsible for relaying information. All players and spectators must bring photo ID to enter the facility.

Fall 2017 Roster Liability Waiver

If you have any questions, please contact our Basketball Director, JT Rogers via email: or at the Springfield Club, (541) 736-1167.



Spring 2017 League


 Sunday Night C League  - Schedule     Playoff     Standings     Stats     Shooting %

 Monday Night A League  - Schedule     Playoff      Standings      Stats     Shooting % 

 Tuesday Night B League - Schedule     Playoff      Standings      Stats     Shooting %

 Wed. Night Coed League - Schedule    Playoff      Standings      Stats     Shooting %                  

Spring 2017 League Winners

Congratulations to our A League winners - Swish's & Sweet's

Congratulations to our B League winners - P.M.S.

Bleague champions

Congratulations to our C League winners - Diverse City

Bleague champions

Congratulations to our COED League winners - Empire Strikes BackDoor


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